A downloadable game for Windows

A cute little game that will have you count some acorns and feed them to hungry beetles. Surely nothing bad whatsoever will happen to you or the bugs.


- Sven Balvan: music and sound
- Seong-Young Her: design, documentation, programming, writing
- Victoria Pryde: art and animation
- Nick Ryan: design and programming


kiwijam_sprout.yyz 194 kB
kiwijam_sprout_2.yyz 4 MB
kiwijam_sprout_3.yyz 4 MB
kiwijam_sprout_4.yyz 4 MB

Development log


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Although took a while to get going. It's filled with a surprising amount of flavor from the writing to the art to the music. The game play although slightly mundane is turned into something more. The controls we're easy to pick up and easy to understand whats going on.  The writing really made the game standout among the other games by far. The art had a nice amount of flavor . and the music helped tie it all together.  Wish i had time to vote on it. But overall was a very fun game.